Friday Fun: The worlds greatest pick up line and your Onion Horoscope

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Friday Fun
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So a long time ago I came into a bar to join a group of friends and was greeted with the news that a great discovery had taken place, they had discovered the greatest pick up line of all-time.  I was obviously both quite impressed and little leery that this had actually occurred so I sat down to listen to the story of discovery.  After listening to the story and being filled in to what the actual pick up line was, I became quite skeptical.  The evening proceeded for awhile when finally a friend asserted that he would demonstrate the power of the newly discovered line.  A young lady came over near our table and my friend said hello, she smiled and said hello and then my friend employed the line the way it was intended to be done.  He said, “I’m an Ostrich, I’m an Ostrich,” then he tried to swallow his tongue.  After that he looked at the young lady, smiled and said, “let’s go.”  She then took his hand and they left together.  Now I have always suspected this might have been a set up, but without evidence to the contrary I have to assert this to be the greatest pick-up line of all time.

And so you know how your life is going to go down for the weekend, the link below will take you to your Onion Horoscope:,18288/


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