Waiting for Superman or how the United States has f*&ked up education.

Posted: October 19, 2010 in education, movies
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Tonight I went to see Waiting for Superman by Davis Guggenheim, if you don’t know the title the film takes a look at the secondary education system in America.  Now in a two-hour documentary you can only cover so much, but I think Guggenheim does a pretty good job of hammering one nail pretty well, in America, we are letting our children down.  The film is captivating and highlights several charter schools that have actually successfully changed the way they educate children and shown great results.  These schools are all in urban disadvantaged neighborhoods, the same places, teaching the same kids we’ve decided decades ago could never make up the achievement gap with upper middle class kids.  The movie focuses on the Kipp schools and schools in Harlem run by Geoffrey Canada and show that we can make a difference if we’re willing to step out of some of our preconceived notions about how things work.

Link to Kipp below:


Link to the Geoffrey Canada’s school:


As a teacher this movie really hit home and as an administrator it hit doubly including an interesting discussion on my favorite topic tenure, a really good idea when it was first created that has now gone horribly wrong but I can save that rant for another day.  Check out the link below about the movie and I’d highly recommend the film:



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