Has the right gone soft on national security? Or what does Proposition 23, big oil, the Tea Party, and the Environment all have in common?

Posted: October 5, 2010 in economy, education, environment, political stupidity, renewable energy, solar energy
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Proposition 23, Big Oil, the Tea Party, California Politics and the Environment!  What do these three things have in common?  Well in the wild, wacky world of California politics everything.  To simply answer the question, a proposition is on the November ballot in California, Proposition 23.  The initiative, oh so cleverly the numerical reverse of Assembly Bill 32, is being funded significantly by out-of-state oil companies to reverse Assembly Bill 32.  Assembly Bill 32 is a state bill that focuses on lowering greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.  The bill has helped generate a lot of training and business in green enterprises in California including a major effort in Sacramento, the GreenWise Initiative.  California is poised to become the US leader in these areas with significant investment and innovation in the field.  Additionally, this has trickled down into the education field as well with many new training programs at the community college and four-year college levels.

A good source for just the facts on Proposition 23:


The state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office assessment of the measure:


The long-range impact of AB 32 is to poise California’s economy to be a national and possibly global leader in green technology and training.  The bill albeit driven by a controversial topic, global climate change, is extremely forward thinking and should set up the state of California for long-range success as well as improving the environment of one of the cleanest states in the country.  Contrary to the typical argument that environmental policies hurt business, AB 32 has actually attracted business to the state.

Why are big oil companies outside the state interested in this bill?  Well as you can read in the Huffington Post piece below, they make it very clear, this bill may impact their profits.  So how is it that conservatives and the Tea Party are opposing a bill that reduces our dependency on big oil?  I believe the right has been telling us for some time that reducing our dependency on oil, therefore reducing our dependency on foreign oil is a national security issue, has the right suddenly gone soft on national security, or are they just more concerned with their wallets?



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