Rick Sanchez fired from CNN for calling Jon Stewart a bigot and Jewish Conspiracy remarks!

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Celebrities, political correctness, political stupidity
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Oh Rick, what have you done.  Rick Sanchez was an up and coming anchor on CNN, his show Rick’s List had recently been given a more prominent spot on the network’s schedule and his firing just deepens the turmoil the network seems to be suffering through lately as their ratings drop.


Rick Sanchez is of Cuban descent and he grew up speaking Spanish, that he probably suffered discrimination while growing up in South Florida is a given.  That Jon Stewart makes fun of him and many other news anchors pretty consistently for the remarks they make on the news is also a given.  However it seems that these two realities have conspired to set off an explosion in Rick Sanchez as he appeared on a radio show yesterday.  One bloggers take on this is below:


However, it seems that Mr. Sanchez is really just a bitter and angry man who feels that “the man” is out to get him, and in fact he believes “the man” is certainly a Jew.  The link below includes both an audio clip of his rant about why Jon Stewart is a bigot and the text of his remarks that strongly allude to the oh- so-worn-out Jewish media conspiracy.


The fact is Rick Sanchez puts himself out there first as a Latino and then as a newsman.  His coverage is overly liberal and he is often a bit emotional particularly when interviewing conservative guests.  His Rick’s List segment makes fun of people every day.   His show quite frankly wasn’t very good, and now it seems Mr. Sanchez is exceptionally thin-skinned and more than a bit bitter and bigoted himself.   Adios Mr. Sanchez and in line with the clip you play every day for your Rick’s List segment, mios dios!


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