Fun Friday: Goldilock’s zones, planets with water and stupid scientists!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in education, environment, Friday Fun
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Ok, first off let’s celebrate the good news, this is the first extra-solar planet found in the so-called Goldilocks Zone.  What this means is that astronomers have located a planet outside of our solar system that is at the right distance from its sun to potentially have liquid water on its surface.  The following link gives a few more details on the discovery:

The next link however shows a scientist, Steven Vogt an astronomer at the University of California at Santa Cruz saying something incredibly stupid.  The two quotes he gives are, first: “The chances for life on this planet are 100 percent.” Referring to Gliese 581g and secondly, “I have almost no doubt about it.”  Ok, dumbass, almost no doubt or 100 percent please make up your freakin mind they are not the same!  I’m sure he’s a smart guy and was just excited about the discovery, and the link above has sound bites that are much more coherent but damn it man you’re a scientist not a brick layer!  So act like it!  Here’s the link:

Here is the real problem with the article, and that is that these scientists have a seriously limited view of life.  I know, you’ve learned your whole life that life on earth is carbon based life, which needs oxygen to survive and liquid water.  Except for the fact that this statement does not even hold true for all life on Earth.  There are hydrothermal vent communities in the ocean that are sulphur based and live in insanely hot water.  There are bacteria that process iron, organisms that live in the dark or in the ice.  We have even theorize that there are living organisms on moons in our solar system that may live in liquid hydrocarbons instead of liquid water.  So what really bothers me is that although we know all of this, narrow-minded astronomers like Dr. Vogt seem to continue to insist that life in the universe has to work the same way it works here, well sir, grow an imagination will you.

Link to hydrothermal vent community information;


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