Big UFO announcement on Monday!

Posted: September 26, 2010 in paranormal
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No ET hasn’t landed or called back collect.  However on Monday at the National Press Club a group of former US Military folks will host a press conference to talk about reports of interactions between UFOs and nuclear missile silos.  This is not new information to folks who have been around UFO investigations, reports of encounters with missile silos have been reported since the 1960’s including events that were in fact quite dangerous and reportedly almost triggered nuclear exchanges between the US and the Soviet Union:

Of course one of the main speakers, former Air Force Captain, Robert Salas has just written a book, so I think we all know what the motivation is for the press conference.

However, it looks like we’ll get some more confirmation of this sort of activity on Monday:

This type of announcement seems to be following a recent loosening up of global governments on the subject of UFOs following the French Governments release of files in 2007:

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