Chrstine O’Donnell – No Tax Hikes, No Abortion, No Masturbation Ban!?!

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Celebrities, political stupidity
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I’ve recently written a blog about my new favorite political idiot Sharron Angle:

However, I’m thinking I may have spoken too soon, because the new darling of the Tea Party who has been endorsed by Sarah Palin herself, Christine O’Donnell is quickly gaining ground on Ms. Angle.  First let me state my first point of confusion, initially I thought Chris O’Donnell was the Chris O’Donnell of Batman and Robin fame and who knows maybe he had a sex change and decided to be Christine.  He played a guy after a sex change operation on Two and a Half Men, so it’s an understandable bit of confusion, I mean his acting career is in the tank so maybe a change of gender and career direction.

I did learn fairly quickly that no, Christine O’Donnell is all woman, all Tea Party and yes my friends, all kinds of nutty.  So let’s delve into some of what has been going on with candidate O’Donnell.  First of all Ms. O’Donnell stiffed her former college, Fairleigh Dickinson for over $4000 until she finally paid them off after being sued in 2003.  She’s also filed a failed sexual discrimination suit against a former employer, had a back taxes tab for $11,000 (she claims it was an error), and has appeared as a political commentator for a number of shows including Glenn Beck’s show.’Donnell

She’s done a fabulous anti-masturbation video:

She’s also claimed Joe Biden was tapping her phones (she’s running for his former seat), stated that she’s interested in the campaign getting her a lucrative TV contract, and doesn’t seem to understand how any finances work.  She’s spent ridiculously on her campaign, has owed her former college, the IRS and purportedly is close to foreclosure on her home.  But it’s ok, she’s a fiscal conservative:

And now it turns out that she’s shunning national media including FOX and just might be a witch:

Below is a link to a pretty good all-around discussion of her campaign and potential impact of her candidacy:


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