Fun Friday: My new favorite idiot might be going to Congress; Sharron Angle is neck and neck with Harry Reid

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Friday Fun, political stupidity
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So what if I told you that your congressional representative said and/or believed the following:

 “entitlement programs (are) built to make government our God”  and this is a “violation of the First Commandment”

That first we should transition out of having a Social Security program, oh wait now that I won the nomination, Social Security should be a lock box.

Nevada scribe Sharron Angle believes that the color black is satanic! Or at least she used to before her campaign advisers started telling her to appear more tolerant. Senator Harry Reid also is satanic, which is why he’s making t-shirts which mock Angle for once campaigning against black high-school football jerseys full of Devil Power.

This whole incident stems from Angle telling a football coach how the evil spirits contained inside black jerseys would make the team lose their game and their souls.

Yes Nevada, congratulations because of rampant anti-government sentiments right now the idiot who made all of the comments and statements above maybe be your next congressional representative, and they say craps is a gamble!

  1. hoboduke says:

    It’s refreshing to find someone who is not so wrapped up in love of self! It’s great to lover other idiots. I like her. She wears nice clothes, and smells better than Reid who smells funny. Or wait, that’s what he said about citizens visiting the nation’s capital. Visitors smell bad. Anyhow, glad you like another idiot. I’m crazy, but not an idiot.

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