The Tea Party is Dead!

Posted: August 25, 2010 in political stupidity
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Just as much as almost anyone else in America I’m sick of politicians whose sole focus seems to be getting re-elected and keeping their power base.  Also, although they don’t make huge amounts of money, it always seems that Washington politicians have plenty of greenbacks.  So every few years along comes a potential third-party movement and we all get a little bit excited.  It happened with Ross Perot and Jesse Ventura and it seemed to be happening with the Tea Party movement.  On its face, the Tea Party movement sounds like a great idea.  Who would disagree with smaller and less intrusive government, more transparency and lower taxes?  Not me!  So as people got fed up with the standard one-size fits all, overly partisan regulars in congress they started to organize.  It was I believe a genuine grass-roots organization at its formation.

However, as politicos on the right saw opportunity, they moved in and started trying to orchestrate how the Tea Party could benefit the very folks that they were fed up with.  Then of course fringe movements get caught on film at a couple of rallies, a regional leader and spokesperson makes a total ass of himself nationally, than Glenn Beck gets involved and there you have it, game over.  Although the Tea Party had some early election success, it seems after today’s primary election results that whatever influence they had has disappeared.

So, consider this my eulogy for the Tea Party, a great idea, a rising star who like most hollywood starlet wannabes and political third parties in America, shot to glory but burned out before it had an impact.

The link below is the Wikipedia entry for the Tea Party:

The link below relays the story about Tea Party official Mark Williams making a total ass of himself:

And finally a link discussing how the Tea Party couldn’t take out the biggest Republican target in a primary, John McCain.

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