The Pakistan Flood, The US Economy and Terrorism

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Afghan War, economy, environment, political stupidity
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As part of my morning hating ritual and news addiction I often get out of bed in the morning and lay on the couch and watch CNN, more often than not nodding off and half hearing things.  I was struck while half asleep the other morning by a story on CNN recounting that the aid levels for the Pakistan flood were drastically low.  That US contributions to this disaster were significantly lower than those for Haiti.  This got me thinking, even in the early morning hours.  Below is a link to the raw numbers of donations for the disaster:

For any of you not aware of the disaster below is a link to general story about the floods that have decimated Pakistan:

This made me wonder why this was going, as you can see from the aid link the United States is not giving at the pace it normally does.  I think initially this has to do with two things, first, consumer confidence in the economy is down;

Secondly, I think Americans might just be disastered out at this point.  We have our own economic woes, we’ve recently dealt with a massive earthquake in Haiti as well as the BP oil spill.  I’m just not sure at this point Americans have the emotional and/or financial reserves to help out one more time, we need a break.  That may sound crass but may also just be the truth.  The issue that comes out of this however, is that Pakistan has/is playing a pivotal role in our foreign policy in the Afghan region particularly as we attempt to deal with both the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  A report on the impact of the flood on American foreign policy is contained below:

This is another little nudge on how important a role the natural environment and mother nature play in our human interactions, it’s not just about pollution and saving species, nature can very seriously impact our political and social lives.  A decimated Pakistan, particularly in the areas of little government control become the perfect breeding ground for groups like Al Qaeda to gain local support and cooperation.  Looks like mother nature just pushed back the US’s war on terror a step or two.


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