Larry Harvey Speaks, a look at the principles of Burning Man

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Burning man, renewable energy, solar energy
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For those of you who’ve been to Burning Man, and the man burns shortly.  But mostly for those of you who haven’t been, you may have an image of Burning Man as nothing but a drunken party in the desert, that’s not nearly complete.  There are a myriad of aspects to the festival from art, public service, giving, radical expression, magic, partying and things no one could ever explain to you.  Recently Larry Harvey, the head of the Burning Man organization and the founder of the idea of the festival spoke about the history of Burning Man’s origins, and some of the outgrowths of the social phenomenon that is Burning Man with a focus on the 10 principles of the event and the culture.  Including information on two of Burning Man’s most noteworthy outgrowth’s Burners without Borders, and Black Rock Solar.  It’s a long piece, but worth a listen if you’re are a burner or you want to understand what this event and culture is all about.

First a link to the Burning Man website itself:

Second a link to the 10 principles of the Burning Man community:

A link to Burners without Borders:

A link to Black Rock Solar:

Finally, the link to Larry Harvey’s talk itself courtesy of

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