Fun Friday Double Shot: Kid Logic and Alien Abduction!

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Friday Fun, paranormal
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Welcome to the last day of the work week and my weekly fun friday post, this week I decided to post on my favorite topic in the whole world, kid logic.  You know when munchkins use perfectly defensible logic to arrive at horribly wrong and usually hysterically funny conclusions.  My niece and nephew are ninja masters of this art.   I would love comments containing any stories that you might have on this topic.  In looking for something to post along these lines I was thrilled to find the following piece done by This American Life one of my favorite radio programs, you can stream the entire episode at the link below:

This is a link to a perfect example of how kid logic works:

Finally on this front a blog dedicated to kid logic stories:

Secondly on this double shot Fun Friday check out the back page for how to protect yourself from alien abduction or if you are in the other camp, to schedule an abduction:


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