Is the end near?

It must be, I saw a guy carrying a sign saying that very thing the other day, the end is near.  Funny he looked a bit like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which is a little inside joke to anyone who’s ever seen The Stand.  I don’t believe the end is near in the sense of prophecy or the Book of Revelations End Time beliefs.  As much as people on Fox News may be claiming that President Obama is bringing on the End Times, I think in reality they just need to readjust their tin foil hats.  However you can access what was said at the link below:

In fact although there are plenty of ways in which the world might end quickly more than likely the end of society as we know it will come through a succession of events that domino together to bring down our economic systems which will lead to social anarchy and the dissolution of our society.  Not an easy thing to occur and quite honestly the odds are a bit low but were the right set of events to domino together, well, quite literally all hell could break loose.  The link below sets out a series of possible events that could lead to the end of the world:

One of the ways we don’t expect it to end has recently been dealt with here:

A nice discussion of the domino theory can be found on a new website, there is a graphic and link on the upper left-hand corner of the site that shows how close we are to midnight, the Apocalypse.   The clock postings track back through time so you need to go back to the first post to get the full description and a read about the domino theory but it is worth a look and can be found specifically at:

A disturbing trend is that the clock has been getting progressively closer to midnight and there is currently a lot of instability in the financial markets and politics of the world.  Although we may be coming to the end of the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill we are still dealing with:  significantly high tensions on the Korean Peninsula; tensions over the Iranian nuclear program; an ongoing two-front war in Afghanistan and Iraq; and finally the specter of a double-dip recession.

I’ll leave it to each of the readers of this post to determine how close we are to the edge and would recommend you check out the following and ask yourself the question, are you ready for dystopian times?


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