Gulf Seafloor Cracking Rumors to Get Tested Today by BP!

Posted: July 14, 2010 in oil spill
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Today BP will commence with testing its new containment cap set up on the leaking Horizon Well on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  I reported earlier in my blog on some of the scary rumors that had been floating around the web concerning that the seafloor was in fact cracked and that oil was not just leaking from the bore hole, but also from multiple cracks along the seafloor.  You can view that original post at:

One of the main points of the rumor was that Dr. Anatoly Sagalevitch had been to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico in his deepwater submersibles the Mir1 and Mir2, I contacted Dr. Sagalevitch and he cleared this rumor up by telling me that he in fact had not been to the Gulf of Mexico and that the submersibles were currently being utilized in Lake Baikal in Russia.  You can read more about this at:

This however has not stopped rumors flying around the net that in fact the seafloor is cracked and that multiple leaks exist.  I have not ruled out this possibility and today we will get a key piece of evidence to either confirm or put down the speculation.  The cap that BP is fitting today will actually stop the flow of oil out of the pipe head.  Once they place that cap, if the pipe below is in tact and there are not other leaking areas, the pressure under that cap will rise, they predict up to 8000 psi.  If once they place that cap and close the vents and the pressure does not increase, it is significant evidence of at least more than one leak point.

So, if the pressure up significantly we can put all of the seafloor cracking rumors to bed.  If however it doesn’t, it’s not confirmation of the rumors but will be indicative of other leak points and leaves us in a position of not being able to refute that idea.

As of the writing of this article BP has announced they have delayed the closing of the vents and the integrity or pressure test.  This in itself makes me wonder if they have some indication it will not be successful?  However at this point, all we can do is sit and wait, just like we’ve been doing for nearly 3 months.


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