Why Lindsay Lohan needs to go to jail!

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Celebrities
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We all know who Lindsay Lohan is, pretty little child actor from Mean Girls and a couple of Disney flicks who turned into a stereotypical drug addicted hollywood starlet and attention whore.  Ms. Lohan has had several brushes with the law and a string of really bad movies over the last couple of years.  Now I’ll say something a little controversial, I actually think she’s a decent actress, when she’s straight and focused and actually trying.  However over the last couple of years she’s played more off of her physical attributes and name rather than her acting ability.  She’s an interesting looking woman who can on alternate days resemble a gorgeous young Ann Margaret or a heroine addict on a bad day.  Her life is a train wreck, crazy parents, attention whore in training sister, addiction, and a severe case of not understanding how the world works.

As we’ve all seen in the news lately, what oil spill, she was back in court recently for allegedly violating her probation.  She was supposed to attend classes on a very rigid schedule and the judge had warned her that if she didn’t follow the schedule exactly, there would be consequences.  She didn’t and now there are, she’s been sentenced to 90 days in jail.  According to an article I read today, Ms. Lohan has no intention of going to jail, to quote the article, “the only mistake she made was hiring the wrong lawyer.”  She feels she’s being treated harshly because she’s a celebrity and as the article goes on to say she’s not above using her star power to keep herself out of jail.  She might even start a Facebook campaign!  I’m sure the judge will be as impressed with a Facebook campaign as she was with Ms. Lohan’s “fuck you” message painted on her middle finger nail in court.

So here is my call to start to a different entire world-wide Lindsay Lohan movement, in three-part harmony of course, and start a Facebook page entitled Lindsay Lohan should go to jail.  I have to believe that there are enough of you out there annoyed enough with piss-ass little whiney stars to outnumber the 15 year-old girls and horny little boys who would protest her incarceration.  You can see the article I referred to at the following link:


  1. lohanfan says:

    I LIKE L LO SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

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