Fun Friday Post: Obama the Antichrist!

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Friday Fun, political stupidity
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Hello friends,  for this Friday’s goofy post I turn to a recent Harris Interactive Poll as reported in the June 2010 issue of Scientific American.  The poll asked some very interesting questions about people’s attitudes and beliefs about Barack Obama, among the beliefs people held:

*  40% of the respondents believe Obama is a Socialist

* 32% believe that he’s a Muslim

* 14% believe he may be the Antichrist, of Republicans surveyed it was 24%

* 22% of Republicans surveyed believe that Obama wants the terrorists to win

The last two items are the most fascinating to me, because when you look at those numbers, 2% of the Republicans surveyed believe that Obama may be the Antichrist but that he still wants to the terrorists to lose!  Maybe he’s worried about competition as the world’s bad guy, or maybe to paraphrase Steve Mirsky in his article, “that maybe the Antichrist would want to beat the terrorists to solidify his position and make it easier to take over.”

Well what do you expect from a world where we have TV commercials and a website to teach children how to play:


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