On CNN today Bill Clinton expressed his opinion that the number one priority needs to be shutting off the leak.  “Blow it up” he said, he remarked that no nuclear weapon would be needed but that this well should be blown up and buried under rock and debris.  Given that any help from the relief wells is at least a month away and the containment dome is not currently in place, maybe this is the right solution.  It is as Clinton stated, the one tool fully within the control of the US Government.

I have no faith however that this will happen, we’ll wait to see what happens with the relief wells and if they don’t work we’ll sit around and chat until we finally come back to the conclusion our former president has already arrived at.  Given that hurricane Alex will move even more oil onto the shores of the Gulf of Mexico this week, isn’t it time we really proactively consider stopping this leak!?!

Of course we’re asking this question of two groups, BP and the federal government.  British Petroleum is the company that claimed in its environmental impact statement that they would protect non-existent walruses in the gulf.  In partnership of course with a federal government whose representatives read the environmental impact statement about protecting walruses and was too stupid or incompetent to challenge the statement.  I wonder if it’s appropriate to call mutual incompetence collusion?


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