Evidence mounting that BP spill will need to be nuked!

Posted: June 21, 2010 in dystopian times, economy, environment, oil spill
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We talked last week about the reports of Anatoly Sagalevitch’s comments concerning the multiple sea floor cracks and leaks of oil under the gulf.  As I said in that blog if it’s true, the Russian solution of nuking the well, sealing it by detonation of a small nuclear device, may be the only solution.  The Russians have done this five times since the late 70’s.  It would be a hugely controversial political and economic decision and I fear even if it’s necessary the government will delay any decision of that magnitude for quite some time.  Can you imagine how the right will crucify the democrats for a decision like that?  Well below is a link to an article that seems to suggest Mr. Sagalevitch may have been right:


  1. roeberto ruello says:

    the oli is going to come to Q.roo mexico??? whene??

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