Representative Joe Barton (Republican) of Texas apologized yesterday to British Petroleum (BP) for the Whitehouse and President Obama’s  shakedown in order to get a twenty billion dollar fund established to help out gulf coast victims of the oil spill.  How idiotic was this statement? Well before the hearing was even over his own party had slapped him around to the point that he retracted the statement, letting everyone know the oil spill is a horrible disaster.

Check out the link to see the reaction he’s getting:

So who the hell is Joe Barton?  He’s the ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  He’s a representative from the state of Texas whose most notable moments seem to be that he’s denied global warming, made a failed run for a senate seat, opposed the extension of the Voting Rights Act in 2006 and now is apparently the only person in America who feels sorry for Tony Hayward.  Oh and by the way, his number one financial supporter in his political career is the oil and gas industry and he used to consult for Atlantic Richfield Oil and Gas Company.   Was that a BP tie clasp he was wearing yesterday?

Could it possibly be that what Mr. Barton was actually doing yesterday was trying to limit the type of damages that might occur to an oil company after a large spill?  I mean if BP has to pay billions of dollars in damages, then what happens to the next oil company that has a major spill.  And yes Sarah Palin, when you drill baby drill, you spill baby spill!

Here we have another politician folks, so out of the main stream of America and locked into his politics of exclusion and hate that he actually thought he’d be supported on this.  I mean hey, he’s taking a shot at the democrats, the president whom we all know must be a socialist and better yet, one of the black men that damn voting act was trying to protect.  I bet he expected the right and the Republican Party to throw him a damn parade!  Oooops, not everyone in the Republican Party is a moron Joe, and so you got  slapped!  Although I’m sure some of the standard right-wing wackos my be supporting him today I have a feeling Joe Barton is feeling seriously unloved today.

But seriously Mr. Barton, how the hell can you oppose this with a rationale that the courts will take care of this?  Why should fishermen, hotel owners, restaurant and hotel owners and workers, good people who work hard for a living have to go out and hire lawyers to get money that is rightfully due them?  Why, please Mr. Barton tell us why, should lawyers end up with 30-50% of the payout from this fund as fees for the services they render?  Isn’t it better for these folks to get 100% of the funds?  Apparently you don’t think so, so either you are trying to protect BP and Tony Hayward, or you are trying to help out lawyers.  So apparently Mr. Barton you don’t realize that these are the two most despised groups in America, and now sir I happily add you to the mix you idiot!

  1. There are many methods for extracting oil from tar sands and tar sands don’t always exist on the surface, such as in Alberta Canada where the sands are too far below the surface for open pit extraction.

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