The curse of Lane Kiffin lands on USC

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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A little note to Lane Kiffin, head coach of the currently disgraced USC Trojans. Hey Lane, I bet Knoxville looks pretty good right now doesn’t it buddy? So much for that dream job out in LA. As you may have read the USC Football Trojans have been banned from the post season for the next two seasons. They’ve lost 10 scholarships per year for the next three years and juniors and seniors can transfer to schools outside the PAC-10 without the normal one year sit out policy. What schools I wonder will benefit from this? I bet Tennessee will look long and hard at some of those players.

So the big mouth bad boy that landed in Knoxville, antagonized every school in the SEC, got warned by the NCAA for his actions and then one year later bolted for his dream job just got slapped. The NCAA’s penalty will seriously impact USC’s football program and it’s just starting. First how motivated is the team going to be for the next two years knowing that they can’t play in a bowl game. Secondly, how many of those incoming freshman are right now on the telephone to schools they turned down talking about sitting out one year at their new school. Given that it is now legal open season on USC’s junior and seniors for teams outside the PAC-10 I imagine some of their phones are ringing off the hook. Finally, Lane Kiffin, who fancies himself a magnificent recruiter is really going to struggle to draw anyone to that program for quite some time. So effectively, the USC football program is doomed for the next four to six years. Coaching at USC, definitely a dream job.

I really wonder what the conversation sounded like at the Kiffin household tonight, is his wife second guessing the family dash out of Knoxville? Does Lane seem like the genius coach he perceives himself to be? Hell to be perfectly honest, I bet sitting at his kitchen table the only thing he can truly be happy about tonight is that he has a screaming hot wife, for now.

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