I have made no secret of my raging dislike for conservative blow hards like Rush and Sean Hannity, truth be told not a big fan of liberal blow hards either, basically against blow hards as a species. However, with Rush I have a confession to make. In the early days of his radio show I was working in California and was actually quite amused by Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. He was obviously doing a lot of what he was doing to be outrageous and attract attention and frankly he didn’t seem to take himself all that seriously. He was certainly a conservative commentator and responding to an unfilled niche on the radio. Then the greatest thing in Rush’s life happened, no not oxycodone, but the election of Bill Clinton. Rush rose to huge heights on the wave of absolute hate the right showed for the Clintons. It was during that rise that I began losing the amusement I used to have with Rush, he started to take himself way too seriously. He began in my opinion to believe in the crap he previously only said to build an audience and make money. Rush began to believe in his own press, expanding ego and the wave of love he felt coming back from the dittoheads. How sad that people take pride in a name that actually celebrates the fact that they don’t think for themselves. I know, I know dittos, you constantly, and he constantly say no that’s not what it means, obviously none of you own a dictionary.

However today I read news that may bring my dislike of Rush Limbaugh to new heights. Mr. Conservatism, Mr. Traditional values has gotten married again. In thinking about Mr. Limbaugh’s nuptials it struck me that he and even more so his fans, are a bunch of freakin hypocrites. Were I to approach any of them and tell them I had advice for them from a four-time married drug addict who had a gay man serenade him at his last wedding, singing Elton John songs no less, they would laugh in my face. They are conservatives, they couldn’t possibly take advice from someone who obviously does not share their traditional conservative values. Yet there they are listening to Rush Limbaugh, married for the fourth time, oxycodone drug addict and having Elton John serenade him at his wedding. Fact of the matter is if that’s the new conservatism, I may just have to sign up.


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