Once in a martial arts class a fellow student asked my instructor what type of fighter was the most dangerous.  He talked through the obvious skill advantages of karate, kung fu and even classical boxers but in the end he arrived at the conclusion that a street fighter was the most dangerous, simply because he was the most unpredictable.  As a kid who grew up in a tough neighborhood and spent a decent amount of time on the street, I can tell you that the toughest guy was not the biggest guy, it was the crazy guy.  Lots of times this was a skinny little guy but what made him so tough was that he was willing to do anything, for a minor infraction he’d hit you in the head with a brick.  This my friends is why the conservatives will win, because they are the crazy little skinny guy you met on the street.  They believe what they believe and will act disproportionately to the offense they have deemed committed. 

What will they win?  They’ll win power and influence in this country, the ability to control the flow and course of the discussion of information which will allow them to influence the majority of Americans.  The reason they’ll have this influence is because the majority of Americans take what they hear on TV, cable or some half-assed blog to be gospel.  They don’t question why or how a conclusion is reached just that they heard it from a source they’ve deemed credible.   Once they have given that credibility to a source they believe it completely which is why idiots like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh can gain traction saying the most outrageously stupid things, but don’t worry Sarah Palin can see Russia and Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona can pick out an illegal alien just by looking at one!

So I have suggested the conservative right is the skinny crazy kid on the block and to substantiate this I have to prove that first they are crazy, and then that they are willing to go over the edge to make their point.  On to the first issue, how nutty are they?  In a recent Harris Interactive online poll, 24% of the respondents who identified themselves as Republicans believe that President Barack Obama is the Antichrist.  Ok, do I really need to go any further on the nutty front!  Additionally, as pointed out by Steve Mirsky in Scientific American, 22% of Republicans in the survey think that President Obama wants the terrorists to win, so that means 2% presumably think he is the Antichrist yet somehow he still wants the terrorists to lose, maybe it’s bad guy envy?  Ok, so we can be fairly confident the conservative right is nuts.

Now, on to the second point do they act disproportionately to the circumstances?  Personally, I would consider the deaths of 8 abortion doctors and multiple clinic bombings over the last couple of decades to qualify as an over reaction to legalized abortion.  This does not even get into discussing how the same people who feared the Teletubbies would turn their children gay, are ok with their children and everyone else’s children seeing horrid giant posters of aborted fetuses that they display for the general public.  A serious and disproportionate over reaction to disagreeing with a law.  It would be the equivalent of anti-logging activists on the left assassinating loggers.

Finally, I think the right in general to be just as hypocritical as the left and politicians in general, when Ronald Reagan or any Bush was in office the slogan was, “America love it or leave it.”  But now with Barack Obama in office you can suddenly hate America and hang out, my how things have changed, or have they?

  1. sasoc says:

    Yes, conservatives will win, and great point about it being fashionable among Obama and his ilk to hate America. As for whether things have changed, they have in that Mars is now involved…

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