Let’s just execute all the sex offenders

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Seriously folks, let me say what all of the Megan’s Law supporters and apparently our US Supreme Court Justices and a large number of you believe as well, let’s just execute all the sex offenders.  If you are convicted of a sex crime let’s just kill you since it is obviously the most heinous crime that you can do.  I mean you can deal drugs to children, massacre a family, torture animals or rape someone who is 18 years and 1 day and still do only your sentence no matter how long it may be.  However commit a sexual crime against children and that includes our example above 2 days earlier, so someone who is 17 years and 363 days old and you can be held indefinitely regardless of what sentence you are given.  So my friends let’s not be hypocrites, let us stop pretending that child sex offences are crimes that we feel there is an appropriate penalty for and just do what we believe and execute all sex offenders.

This means we have decided that there is no rehabilitation even after a first offense, no penalty stiff enough short of the ultimate so why bother with sentencing, once convicted just line them up and shoot them!  Let’s not worry about the 18 year old who has consensual sex with his 17 year old girlfriend, the many false accusations that have occurred against childcare givers or cases of mistaken identity.  The risks to our children are too great so just execute the bastards.

This is obviously the next step in the process.  Step 1 commit a sex crime be sentenced and confined to prison, be given counseling or chemical castration and be controlled by the state for the length of your sentence and register with the state as a sex offender.  California has had a registration law on the books for fifty years.  Not good enough.  Step 2 was Megan’s Law, do all of the things you did in step 1 and then make sure your registration is on the internet and broadcast worldwide.  Step 3 do all the above but when a sex offender reaches the end of their sentence, deem them too dangerous for society and leave them in jail indefinitely, maybe we can ship them to Gitmo.  But why waste our time with the current step 3, on to step 4 execute the bastards.

Now let’s be clear, sexually assaulting a child is reprehensible were I to come upon it occurring I would probably execute the bastard on the spot, but then I would be subject to the legal system and I would accept my penalty.  What is completely unfair is to assign a penalty to a crime and then ignore that penalty.  Reverse it, just let people out before they have served their time and we all scream, so why is the converse alright.  Is it because the world is so much more dangerous these days for us and our children?  No, in fact in 2008 the violent crime rate was 3% lower than it was in 1999.

The problem here is twofold, first the pure hypocrisy of giving one sentence and carrying out another.  The second and much more ominous, is that this is the second time in the last 5 years where the United States of American, the supposed bastion of freedom on this planet has allowed human beings to be kept in prison indefinitely either in spite of their sentences or without the benefit of a trial in the first place.  What’s next my friends, what crime, offense, word or thought will be the next to be deemed of such a threat that your primary rights as an American are suspended?


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