BP has a new solution and it’s fitting even for Haliburton!

Posted: May 17, 2010 in environment, oil spill
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So you may have heard there’s a teeny tiny little oil spill somewhere off the southern coast of the United States.  The details are all too well-known now; the oil rig explosion, the tragic loss of life, the sinking of the platform, the failed blowout restrictor and the loss of the wellhead.  All of this has left what appears to be a minimum of 5,000 barrels or 210,000 gallons of oil pumping into the gulf on a daily basis.

British Petroleum (BP), the company being primarily held responsible for the spill, has taken many steps in conjunction with the US government to alleviate the impact of the spill while simultaneously trying to stop it.  The worst case is that if no other measure can be found, we may have to wait another 60 plus days for a relief well to be drilled and be up and running.  In the meantime they have set up barriers to prevent landfall, scooped oil from the surface, corralled and burned oil at the surface, shot a chemical (that may be more toxic than the oil) into the flow to break it into smaller drops, unsuccessfully dropped a bell dome 5000 feet to ocean floor to contain the flow, and now finally have inserted a pipe deep inside the well head to suck and contain as much oil as possible.

Congress got involved, because of course nothing solves an ongoing crisis like congressional hearings.  During these hearings we were introduced to the merry band of companies at the core of this disaster, BP who had already been taking a public lashing, Transocean the company primarily responsible for the rig operation and then- – – Haliburton!  Haliburton’s role was to be responsible for cementing the deepwater drill hole, as well as the possible failure of equipment leased to British Petroleum.

What does Haliburton do right?  Here they are possibly on the hook for what may turn out to be the largest oil spill in US history.  They raped the military by providing allegedly substandard and overpriced services to our troops in the gulf, so how does a company with such spectacular alleged failures keep getting contracts.  I mean come on, who do they own, maybe a certain ex-vice president?  Of course they do, Dick Cheney served as the CEO and chairman of the board for Haliburton.  The same oil man who oversaw operation desert storm where we invaded a large oil country, ran a major American energy company (Haliburton), then returned to public office as VP to reinvade the same oil country, depose a horrid dictator and then eventually help open up oil contracts for American oil companies. 

As of this writing BP is alleging success with their latest attempt, their great mechanical fornication, insertion of their long hanging pipe into the opening to achieve a climactic end to the oil spill.  Ok so maybe it doesn’t really end it, just slows it down by putting  it into a post coital lethargy, but progress none-the-less.  But in this disaster we have heard BP’s line change frequently so stay tuned.  What more fitting solution could we have however then someone or something getting screwed when Haliburton is involved.


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